Friday, March 9, 2007

Growing Up

This afternoon we got yet another sign, a postitive one, that John is growing up!

John has been fighting an intestinal virus all week, we've been giving him ceralyte (like pedialyte) through his g-tube like crazy trying to keep him hydrated but was worried that we were losing the battle, as we most normally do in these circumstances. This afternoon we were pretty sure that he was going straight down hill, he was great at the first of speech therapy but by the last of it you could just see that he didn't feel good, he was offered and refused french fries for lunch and then go very upset and cried but no tears. All warning signs that the time for IV fluids had come. Upon consulting his GI nurse practitioner we took him to the ER just to have them check him over and make sure that he was okay, of course we figured this meant that at least 2 of us were spending the night in Columbia.

Well in the ER John started to perk back up and by the time the actual doc came in he was sitting on the bed playing, looking awesome, better than he's looked in a couple days. They went ahead and drew labs anyway because with John you can never tell. All was fine! We have no idea exactly what has transpired in our little guys gut, kidney function, metabolism, or whatever, just that it seems he is growing ever stronger and more resiliant and for tonight is fighting off an intestinal virus in his very own bed!

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