Thursday, March 15, 2007

I said ... "ALL DONE!"

We have worked so hard for John to learn to sign that he was 'all done' with this or that, instead of throwing it in the floor, or just crying or what have you. Well today he showed us that he could not only say 'all done' but he could do it repeatedly, and emphatically! Desiree, John's Occupational Therapist was helping him learn the concept of 'big and little', he's not having a good time with this concept and isn't overly impressed with the whole deal. So a few minutes into this instead of signing 'big' like he was asked, he started repeatedly and emphatically signing 'all done'. Now, 'big' is signed by spreading your hands out to show big, if you talk with your hands like I do you probably are already proficient at this sign, and 'all done' is done by placing one hand, palm down, on top of the other hand, palm down, and then spreading them apart, think umpires and you got it. John's not overly distinct with some of his signs, albeit they are improving, but these two today were very distinct, and 'all done' was quite emphatic. He did finally settle down and give us the 'big' and 'little' signs and distinctions that we wanted from him, but still he would rather play than work, hmmmmmmm.....

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