Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break!

So far spring break has been rather, um, non-breakish! A dear lady we love from church had a heart attack during routine surgery and is still in critical condition, although more hopeful every passing hour. John has been fighting something, allergies, cold, not sure, but today it looks like it might be winning the battle. Of course getting his RSV shot yesterday didn't help much, sigh, I don't know if we will get to church tonight or be posting our next update from the hospital. Several hours ago, if I were a betting person, and I'm not, I would have said hospital, now, well, not so sure, but we'll see.

As you can tell yesterday he was looking pretty spiffy...

This is his new outfit that's currently up for auction. He loves it, actually, he loves any new outfit, especially any new shirt, we might be creating a monster here, but a cute one!

We have enjoyed a walk down to the park this week, John isn't as enamored with swings as he was last summer, but I don't think it will take too many trips for him to love them again. Tonight is our last Lenten mid-week service and I'm sure he'll be thrilled because tonight daddy is preaching, as opposed to preaching elsewhere and us having a guest pastor. We're serving dinner tonight, so the house smells of meatloaf, fresh bread and warm apple butter, the windows are open and the birds are singing, all evidence of spring being here wethere it was really a break or not remains to be seen.

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