Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Trash Man Cometh

John is being raised by really weird parents, Santa Claus comes to take pictures with him at the hospital and he doesn't really care so much, even when he feels good enough to participate, other kids await the Easter Bunny and John doesn't really care, Halloween comes and goes without costumes or candy or concern, but oh boy when the trash man comes then we care :)


agnusdei1996 said...

LOL! It was not so bad in Iowa, they just needed to grab a stepstool to see the garbage truck. But here they've been known to stand on the dresser. :-P What is the point of a window a child cannot see out is beyond me. . .okay for that matter *I* have to stand on tippy toes too.

Gina said...

Oh good grief, if these two couldn't see out the window I'm afraid it would be scary what would happen to walls, okay that's scary some days anyway. I really hate it that someone fixed the window in the garage door cause that one they could not only see out but hang out of and it was way too much fun!