Thursday, May 19, 2011

Art and Medicine

We have often been told and talked about how medicine is as much art as it is science. We were privileged to spend part of one of John's hospitalized days enjoying a young artist who is determined to use her talents in art to help those who are sick and in need of medicine. We were thrilled to go see her art put on permanent display at the Children's Hospital and of course everyone was amazed to see John and how big and healthy looking he is.


This is John's Tiger, ok I know that actually it is someone in a suit being the mascot for the Children's Hospital, but really this is John's tiger and he was oh so very thrilled to be walked down to the quilt by his Tiger. Just as thrilling later for Mark and I after this picture and the next few were taken was that John turned around to the little boy that you see behind him in this picture and they decided to play together, and then spent several happy minutes chasing and running up and down this hallway. We have never seen John initiate playing with an unknown child before and it was just great to see. The two of them lit up every face in the place.


This is the artist who designed and carried out the quilt, including spending time with John and the other children and learning to quilt so that she could finish her project. When we walked up she was so excited to have pictures taken with John, whom she called the artist, and to point out his two drawings and the piece that I wrote for her. It was neat to see her so excited, the official photographer was taking pictures, but before it was done she made sure that her mom got one of her and John too.


Here is the quilt. Mark was concerned about the reflection but I only think that adds to it.


This is the picture that John drew in the hospital, I wish I knew what it was and I wish I understood what the DOX were for, but I do know that he enjoyed doing it and it brought a nice respite in a day that was otherwise pretty painful for him.


This is John's self-portait that he had made previous to going into the hospital, and when the artist saw this she was thrilled and determined that it be part of her final work.


Finally this is my piece, she asked that I write something about hope and so I did. We were happy to participate and happy to help her celebrate the day her art was displayed. And anyone who comes to visit and wants to see, John will be absolutely thrilled to take you down the hallway at his Tiger hospital and show you, as will we.

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