Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soccer Boy

A couple Saturday's ago John got to go meet the people who play soccer in Columbia, he was excited, as were we. His chair is not made for soccer, the big wheel makes it too slow and there is some concern that it will climb the ball and make the chair flip. For playing there is a chair he can borrow that is his size and left handed. But for this day they had us put him in a large chair and we didn't realize until he ran into the third or fourth thing that it was also right handed.

After figuring out that the bigger chair just was not going to work, we put John back in his own chair and things were much more fun for him. He played around with the ball and other people for the better part of two hours and the adults who will be playing on the team were impressed that he enjoyed it enough to keep playing with them and not wander off and do something else.

Next Sunday is his first real practice and soon Grandma is ordering him a soccer ball to practice at home and of course I will remember to take the camera.

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