Friday, May 27, 2011

Phew, What a Week!

Let's start with John is fine, okay he has some allergy/cold thing going on and is a bit miserable at the moment, but in the grand scheme of things a cold or allergies is just a little thing and the misery from it so fleeting as to not really matter.

Sunday our friends Angie and Larry Sipe and their 6 children arrived. It has been a good while since we last visited and this was to be a special week because Larry and Mark would be heading off to St. Louis on Monday morning to go to a week long training for Police Chaplains. Well they still headed out and went to the class, but of course not before we took John to the hospital Sunday night. It was par for the course, he has been hospitalized ever single time that his godparents have come to see him. Every. Single. Time.

John's blood pressure was too high, much too high, and so he spent Sunday night and most of Monday getting that straightened out and then just as it was time for us to leave we saw more blood in his ostomy bag. We had seen some anyway, and we all just thought it was a surface thing and weren't too freaked out about it. Well truthfully I was freaked out about it but everyone else was calm until the blood Monday afternoon and then they were freaked out too. The doctor took pictures of John's stoma and sent them to the GI doctor in Omaha, who agreed with the surgeon from Columbia who came by to see John that it was just a surface thing and there was no need to rush him to Omaha. John was discharged form the hospital in Columbia and we got to come home to a house full of friends :)

Tuesday morning it became apparent that he needed to be seen in clinic in Omaha on Thursday and by afternoon we hatched a plan to go invade Charity's house. So Wednesday after breakfast we loaded up, Angie and her six kids, John and I and went to Charity's and got to spend a nice evening visiting. Thursday I took John into Columbia, was so wild in clinic that the doctor took one look at him, told us to have his scope done and then take him home and good luck, lol, it was nice to see them get to see John at full tilt.

The scope was to see if the bleeding was indeed just a surface issue or if John was having a rejection or other bowel issue that would be much more serious. I saw enough blood in the PICU that even though I was pretty sure that this was a surface issue it was still a great relief when Dr. Fischer told me that his bowel looked perfect! He took biopsys and we will find out about those in a few days, but he's not expecting any issues to arise.

Angie and I got back last night, finally got kids fed, 1 medicated and all in bed by 10 and then basically fell over. The Sipes are headed off for the rest of their vacation today, Mark is on his way home and John and I are just hanging out, glad to be home and not scared or worried that something is wrong. Praise God for His Mercy, both in John's health, our salvation and the level of sanity that we retain.


Cheryl said...

Indeed, what a week! I am glad you had friends along for the ride.

Gina said...

Me too Cheryl, thanks!