Wednesday, September 22, 2010

John 3.0

There are times when we go to clinic and think things will go great and they are scary, like last time, or when we go and think things will be scary and they are great, then there are times like this where we just don't' know what to expect.

The docs were floored, the nurse coordinators were amazed, and at one point the surgeon just sat there staring at John in amazement and told us that we are now looking at John 3.0, something new and GOOD! Mark and I have known from the first moment of John's life that we were on a journey of miracles where in we would live and love and be forever different than anything we had ever been before or ever known we could be. Over these past almost 7 years we have had times when this sense of 'something way bigger than us' has been heightened to an almost palpable state, some of those times have been marked with tears and fear and yet peace knowing that John was in Christ's hands even if he wouldn't remain in ours and at other times it's been with smiles and laughter and amazement that he had survived yet another health crisis.

Today is a smiles and laughter time, it is the first time John has ever been sent home from clinic without labs due every week or every other week, he has no need for labs to be done until we return at the end of October. The first time that the doctors have ever been floored in such a good way that they were scrambling trying to figure out how this is happening and what to do and then realized that while a little med tweaking is in order (steroids reduction and such) that there really is nothing to do but let him eat and play and see him in a month. This is the very first time that we have ever been sent home with directions to please email them with weekly weights so that they can watch and make sure he doesn't gain too much, yep, gain too much is what I said! They are turning his tpn down a little trying to keep him from getting too fat, that's just amazing to even think about. He is actually on the growth chart, 10th percentile for weight for his age, he's never hit that curve one time in his life.

We are floored, we are stunned, we are thankful, we are overjoyed and we are humbled to know that God has put this amazing gift in our arms to love and cherish and teach and enjoy.


Melanie T said...

I'm sharing tears of happiness for you! Thanks be to God!

Nana Porcupine said...

I love this post! Great news.
Praise God from whome all blessings flow!