Sunday, September 26, 2010



We find as the years go on and one obligation or another keep us from seeing family as often as we would want that the miles between us seem more and more a burden and less and less a blessing as in our youth we thought them to be. According to Google maps, Mark's dad, Papa, lives 861 miles away, that is at least 861 miles too darn far! So we enjoy his company, relish his stories and love his presence whenever he is able to come our way or we are able to go his. This past week we were blessed to have him stay with us, what with the miscarriage, gigantic enthusiastic puppy and such it was a stressful week in our house, but Papa's presence made it better and in the end helped us get through the stress with a bit more sanity in tact than otherwise would have clung to us. Thanks Papa, we love you!


Papa inspired pie, mmmmmmmmmmm :)

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