Monday, August 16, 2010

Slow wheels...


...for a while this summer, from 4th of July through most of the rest of the month, John's power chair was broken and he was left at first with nothing and after the first few days with a manual chair. We had no clue how independent he had actually become until that independence was taken away. At first with the manual chair he could only move it forward or backwards but by the time that we returned it he was able to get through the house on his own and even turn some slow circles. Turning a manual chair requires that each hand do separate tasks at the same time, John has never been able to accomplish this until the manual chair, it took him a lot of effort and persistence but in the end he got it and he was so proud of himself and we were so proud of him too. One thing we learned from this was just how determined he is to be independent, we have always been determined that he should have as much independence as possible but now I can say unequivocally that John is bound and determined that he WILL be independent!!!!

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