Saturday, August 14, 2010

Counting Down...and Up...


The calendar that you see John pointing to is a 6 month countdown until he gets to have a minor surgery to close his g-tube hole. We, parents, family and medical team, have all come to realize that John is going to be dependent on tpn/lipids, we may or may not be able to wean that dependence down some, but the motility of John's gut is just not going to allow him to be free of tpn/lipids. G-tube feeds that he previously has needed are just not needed anymore, he is eating and drinking more every day and has even changed to taking all of his medicine, even the nasty stuff, by mouth because he has been told that if he can go 6 months without using his g-tube even once he can have it taken away and he seriously wants it gone! As you can see the wet spot on the front of his clothes, one of the reasons that all of us want it gone, especially John, is it gets on his cool shirts, darn g-tube.

Oh and counting up, the calendar on the bottom is counting up to 20 school days, as soon as it is filled with stickers he gets to go see another movie at the theater or buy a game and lately a Toy Story 3 game for the DS is winning out, as of right this moment he has 4 more stickers to go :)

The other charts you can see are for alphabet signs, John knows his alphabet and can approximate a sign for all of the letters, has been able to for a long time, this chart is working on the ones that he can do perfectly, and so far he's kinda stuck on 'h' but it is getting much better and as a bonus so is '6' and '7' all of which use the strength in the pinkie side of the hand, a place where John has been particularly weak.

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