Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One Time Around

Sorry for taking so long to update, John got to come home on Friday! He's doing great, actually when we got home he insisted that he needed to go for a walk and made it completely around our block one time without the seat. We were so proud of him and he was so thrilled!

He did have to have a new central line placed. We were hoping that he would get away without needing another one, and he might have if he hadn't been so far behind in August, but he's just not quite ready yet. He's only on IV fluids this time and if he can still grow and gain weight then he won't need to go back on TPN again and may even be ready to get rid of this line by summer time. When he was measured in Omaha, he's grown again, now he's 35 3/4 inch, his next appointment is on April 8th and we're hoping that he makes it all the way to 36 inches then, that will be so cool.

I'll see what I can do about a longer update and some cute pictures some time this week! Thanks to everyone for their prayers for John and for us, we certainly see Christ's hand of grace in our lives each day.

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