Thursday, April 17, 2008

3 Feet of Enthusiastic Boy

He finally made it, John is now officially 92cm tall, that makes him 36 and almost 1/4 inches tall. His visit in Omaha went well, he's now tall enough to sit in a booth in the cafeteria instead of in a high chair, he's walking without the front strap on his gait trainer and he's even starting to eat again.


Today he's even figuring out that without that silly old front strap on there he can get himself from gait trainer to floor without help. Independence comes one small step at a time, but it is coming!


John totally loves to do anything with dad. Yesterday they were painting, today John 'helped' dad work out and then decided that he need to workout some too, it was rather cute and hey that would count as PE right.


The fishes name is Bubbles, and I'm not exactly sure why but John needed to color a picture for Bubbles, I don't know how much Bubbles enjoyed it, but I sure did. This morning during breakfast he decided that he needed to write on one of my blank menus, so we were practicing writing in just one square and then I started writing the letters for him and he got all the way to M before he lost interest and only needed help on recognizing L. His signs for the letters are spot on for some of them, but I, J, G, H, and L need some work still.

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Angie said...

WAY to go John!!!! It took a few years, but you've finally caught back up to lost boy #4 in height. :)
Love & kisses from your godmommy