Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just a Wee Ride


John has the most horrible allergies, I don't know what too, but we are beyond calling him 'snotzilla' and heading straight into 'slug-monster'. Poor kid, he's got to be miserable, I know he is because he doesn't play as much and he also is back to taking a nap, but he still has smiles and is still sweet. He's so amazing to me, if I had allergies like he does right now I'd be grouchy beyond belief, and yet he was certainly happy to go outside and ride around in his Jeep for a few minutes. Dad followed close because, well because that Jeep just isn't made to compete with what little traffic comes around our corner and beside John hasn't yet figured out how to steer. Sweet boy loves to stop and look at everything though and was rather interested in this dead leafy branch that blew out of the trees the other day, but he certainly didn't want to touch it when it was offered.

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