Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ramp to Happiness

I didn't realize until it was all said and done that we have been in the process of getting this ramp built for nearly 2 years and that prior to it's completion John has never had the freedom to just go outside and just play. As you can tell in the picture it is only near completion but some little boy couldn't wait even one more minute to try it out :) Ok, I still keep a pretty close eye on him, but since Mellon has gotten really good at being tied to his chair and hanging out with him, I don't feel like I have to stand in the window the entire time he is outside. It's amazing how busy life is. I thought that once we weren't going to hospitals all the time that it would slow down to a crawl and we would have all the time in the world to do everything, funny, we have all the time in the world and are so busy doing everything that the time just flies by. Our days are filled with reading and some drawing and writing, lots of playing outside, playing with games and just playing, it's amazing, it's nothing we could have ever imagined. It has changed how often I get online for anything though, often the computer is busy being our radio and we are off playing, blogs, Facebook and email get checked once or maybe even twice in a day but somedays we don't get to them at all. Prior to this silence on our end meant that things were so scary we didn't know how to talk about them, lol, now it means that we are so busy we could talk all day about the joy and life going on but are just too busy keeping up with it :)

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Camilla said...

I think that's just awesome! Enjoy every minute of it! We serve an amazing God who gives the bestest gifts!!!!! :)