Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gravity Defying Dog ... or

...Camera Genius of a Silly Boy?

Summer is flying by us. Days and weeks slip past without me even realizing they have come and gone. Partly this is due to Mark taking CPE (classes that will eventually allow him to be a hospital chaplain) in Kansas City and being gone from 6am to well after 6pm most days, and overnights and whole days the rest of the time along with keeping up with his two churches. The other part of this is just how easy it is to care for John now, meds in the morning, meds at night, hooked up to his formula pump for 8 hours or less at night and other than that just being a little boy, well a bigger little boy all the time. I sprained my ankle last week and am on the tail end of having to sit with it propped up with ice on it for parts of the day so thought that I would take this time to blog some and catch up on the pictures in the camera and the stories of a silly boy and these will post in the coming days. I've spent this week knitting a gift, knitting a sock that has more complicated cables than I've ever attempted before for my sweet husband who has a new found love for dress clothes and getting stuff ready for school to start in the fall, oh and taking my turn at Mario Kart, thanks mom for sending that!

I'm not sure why but I love this picture that John took of the bells at our back door, it definitely shows the wear that the bells have had on the wall and door and the wear that the bells have had from the boy and dog, but still I just love it. Mellon is bell trained, as in when she needs to go outside she goes and rings the bells, she is also knock-on-the-window trained because when she is outside enjoying herself chasing squirrels or digging to China and John wants her to come back in he goes and knocks on the back door and she comes and sits there and waits for him to let her in. They have become quite the pair over the summer and while not always together the times that they are seem to cause more giggles and smiles all the time and the chasing, oh how we love the chasing :)

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