Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gardening Success!

Well okay nothing like real gardeners get, but compared to the one green bean and one sad little tomato that we managed to grow last year this has been a veritable bounty!

Not to mention just how much we have enjoyed it right up until I sprained my ankle of course, but that too shall pass and we will be right back out there enjoying it some more. The funniest part of all of this is John and the water hose. So far this summer he has watered one hearing aid to death, now he knows to take them out and give them to me before he gets the hose; he has watered his chair to the point where it had to dry out in the garage for a few days before either the seat or the controller was workable again and even now there are moments when the chair has flashbacks to it's recent drowning and starts beeping for no apparent reason, and of course he also watered his pants right off, that was just too funny when I came around the corner and he was happily watering himself with his pants on the ground, watered off and tossed to the side, ah who needs pants anyway.

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