Monday, January 31, 2011

First Time Again

After each of John's surgeries or serious illnesses we have watched him accumulate his previous skills again, this time however is different. This time there was so much worry that he wouldn't survive and then that he wouldn't have retained his mental capacities and even when we knew that both of those were no longer a worry there was the whole just how sick he had gotten and how weak it had made him. So now each thing that he reaquires is like seeing it the first time again, a reason for joy and excitement. Today was the first time that he was able to hold the Wii controller and play Mario Kart again, also the first time that he was able to use a hand rail and pull himself to his feet. He is still so very weak, but each day brings progress and joy and excitement and thankfulness to God both for preserving his life and mind and also for giving us these little blessings each day, it's like Christmas every day around here and we can't help but smile.

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