Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catching Up

I'm not sure I can do justice to the last 10 days or so that are missing from the updates, but let me tell you where John is right now. Tonight he is sleeping in a normal room, on a normal pediatrics floor, no longer in the PICU. He is on full g-tube feeds and hasn't had tpn or lipids running for several days. His kidneys and liver are continuing to improve. He is driving his own chair around and getting faster and stronger with it each day. He is starting to be able to bear a little bit of weight on his feet and is again sitting nice and stable without any support. His lungs have improved to the point that he is nearly done with respiratory therapy. His sense of humor is returning and he is more himself with each passing day. There are tons of people around here who are astounded, it's a miracle that John lived through all the things that his body has endured since the 15th of November and just as big or maybe even bigger is that his mind survived it too. He still has a chest tube in place and until it is no longer needed and pulled we cannot go out patient, once out patient he has to be here about 3 months without complications, shorter if things go well, longer if they don't. It is just barely starting to sink into Mark and I's head what life will be like without John being sick a lot, for tonight we are still caught up in what an amazing blessing it is to be able to hold our little boy and to look in his eyes and see him there. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement through this, we aren't done yet, but it's oh so much better and even better by the day and there are so many people who have made this bearable and kept us going, God bless each of you as you have each blessed us.


Bikermom said...

Christ be praised. So good to read this. Praying for you all still.

Martha said...


You all continue to be in prayers.

Rob Jacklin said...

So awesome!! I was hoping the long break between posts meant all was well! I have happy tears for all of you. GOD IS GREAT!!
Love, Jen