Friday, May 28, 2010

Something To Play With


John has systematically given Mellon every stuffed animal he owns, the more beloved ones went first, and has now progressed onto every toy in the house. He guards the iPod and all remotes jealously but toys are fair game. I did finally get him to go through toys with me and sort out what he wanted, what could be given away and what needed to go in the closet to hang on to but he didn't want it out. All in all he has been more thrilled to see the dog play with his toys than he has ever been to actually play with most of them himself and was more excited about having bins so that he could put his own clothes away and get them out himself than having bins of toys he could access. He has really enjoyed going in his room and playing with his cars now that the other toys are mostly removed, and that dad put a sword holder on the wall for his swords has just been awesome!

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