Sunday, May 30, 2010

Glimpse in a Little Boy's Head



We've been talking about going to Toy Story 3 at the Big Movie, as John calls it, since we went to see How To Train Your Dragon. He's excited and anything he sees that has any Toy Story stuff on it has him telling us that we are going to see it. A few days ago he came to get me signing 'mail', it was much too early in the day for the mail to have run so it dawned on me to ask if he needed to make some mail and sure enough that's exactly what he needed. I handed him an envelope, he handed it back and signed 'write please, friend C' friend C is his sign for our friends in Nebraska's little girl. Then he needed 'paper' and on it had me write 'Friend C, Toy Story 3, big movie, go with, friend John'. After it was all folded and in the envelope he licked it and needed a 'stamp' and then some 'stickers' and finally after much work and making sure it was just right he was ready for it to go out to the mail.

I don't know that we will be able to arrange this movie outing with a friend, release dates and distance make it difficult, but mostly in all this I am just so impressed, both with a little boy who wants to share with his long distance friend and a little girl who has been such a sweet friend. What is in John's head is very much shut off from us because of his apraxia, but on days like this when I get a glimpse inside there I find myself always in awe of this amazing little boy who despite all the doctors, hospitals, illness and limitations is just a little boy.

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