Friday, May 14, 2010

Mutts a growing

Mellon is growing by the day. The first pic was Mark bringing her home from the vet the first time, the second pic was about 3 weeks later in the afternoon of her next vet visit when she was enjoying giving dad a lick on the head :)



She is now 28 pounds big and yet is still small compared to where she will be and where she should be at this point according to the growth charts for both of her breeds. We are changing dogfoods for her as the current one she just doesn't like and so won't eat enough and the new one, which has actually been tested on giant breeds to make sure it doesn't cause joint issues, she loves and licked the floor where it landed and then carried the bag around looking for more.

She took her first trip into Walmart as a Service Dog in Training the other day and did rather well, we are looking forward to her going more places and learning more and eventually being just the right dog to help John. Even today he just loves her and likes to get ice for her to chomp on, and is adamant that she needs to go with us and ride by him wherever we go. It cracks me up when he is watching a movie in the truck and it's a good part and he is waking her up so that she can see too.

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