Monday, July 27, 2009


Poop means that John's bowel is awake and moving, tonight we had poop, we cheered! It also means that John will likely get rid of his ng tube soon, may really get out of the picu tomorrow and is getting ever closer to getting back into his chair for some zooming! Today has been long but good and has had a few bright spots in it aside from the aforementioned poop. John received mail, a package from Rachel, a looper friend, that contained glider planes, we have all had a great time with them and they really have brought a lot of smiles to a little boy, his parents and even those who have occasionally needed to duck when planes go flyingbacross the hall. Thank you Rachel! Our other bright spit came when Charity brought the kids up to visit. John wasn't strong enough to visit for long but what a big difference a visit with friends make here. John will have a great time with the toys they brought and we will all be looking forward to the next visit. Thank you Charity! The phone calls, texts, emails, fb comments and comments here make a big difference, thank you for those and for your prayers!


Ewe said...

I never thought a post about poop would be such great news. Those of us with healthy children take it for granted. I'd much rather have dirty diapers and potty training problems than hospital visits and surgeries. My boys will love the news that John liked the planes.

Anonymous said...

So glad things seem to be moving along good. Think of you many times throughout the day and many prayers.