Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On our way...

...we will be leaving a little later today to head up to Nebraska to spend some time with friends before surgery on Friday. John is excited about seeing friends and not nearly so worried about surgery as his mother and father are. We're excited about seeing friends too!

So here's John's address in hospital, the mail is sorted by hospital census so no matter what part of the place he is in the mail can find him.

John Hass
University of Nebraska Medical Center
PO Box 6159
Omaha NE 68106-0159

John loves mail, and if you decide to send him something don't go crazy and spend lots of money on cards, he is much more fascinated with bandaids, rubber bands, paper airplanes, pages to color, or anything that either is or can be made into a ball to throw, you know boy stuff!

Thanks for your prayers. As always we are praying that God's will be done and that He gives us the peace and patience to travel through each of these days, making sure that John has the best day possible for each of them and that we are aware of those around us so that we can comfort them in their need too. We see miracles every day, we just pray that our eyes are open to them!

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