Saturday, April 25, 2009

Signing Times...and a contest


This is one of the reasons that we LOVE the videos from Signing Times. John is so darn funny when he is watching them, plus he's learning a ton more sign from them and so are we. Can you tell that he's feeling good?

Okay here's for the contest. I'm not sure of the prize yet, something homemade, something nice, I'll think on it or maybe let the winner suggest/ask for something.


So the winner will be able to tell me what John was thinking/watching that inspired this. He spent hours today doing this, he goes back and watches the same segment of Alton Brown's show and then comes back and does some more of these. At this moment he is watching that segment again and I know that the fussing is from lack of paper.


Melissa Sutton said...

OK! I think I might have an idea. Did your computer run out of colored ink? Perhaps he was trying to give the printer back its lost color?

Gina said...

Good guess Melissa, but nope, my computer didn't run out of color ink and the colors are not what John was into. I'll give you another hint, he was watching the Good Eats episode about the coconut cake.

debbie said...

lol is it dinner coming out of the oven? or a salad? lol

Gina said...

Nope, but good guess. Actually it is his best rendition of Alton folding parchment paper for the cake pans on the Coconut Cake episode. Carol Engbretson guessed it right over on facebook. Congrat's Carol!