Sunday, March 1, 2009

180 Days and Fighting for More

Today John has been out of the hospital, and has had no ER visits for 180 days. As I remember the 1st year of his life he was in the hospital for about 180 days. This is quite a change, a pleasant one at that. Of course yesterday we found out that John is fighting a UTI, this is only the 3rd one in his life, which is pretty darn good for a kid with Prune Belly and with grade 5 reflux on one side - which means that for him urine flows too his kidneys just as rapidly and frequently as it flows from them. So far he's not spiked a fever and is fighting this at home. Cultures are cooking at Boone Hospital in Columbia, thanks to the on-call doc for our pediatrician who arranged that yesterday and we'll find out what they have to say. John didn't even have to go in for labs, he provided us a nice sample in the restroom at Sam's and his daddy so very nicely ran it over to the lab so that John and I could continue to enjoy looking at all the fascinating things that live in that building. Our directions are to bring him into the ER the moment he spikes a temp, other than that to hang out and wait to find out what's growing in the cultures to see what antibiotic he will need. We are hoping that we don't make that mad dash to the hospital, but kept him home from church this morning thinking that the last thing he needs is exposure to even one more germ at the moment.

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