Saturday, January 3, 2009

Too Silly to Smile


I was trying to get a good picture of John in the new sweater that his Grandma made for him, but he was just too silly to smile nicely for the camera. The sweater is perfect, warm, long enough, pretty and yet boy, thanks Mom!

We are headed to Omaha on Monday to get to enjoy the company of the Baker family and then off to John's clinic appointment and back home on Tuesday. Until this afternoon when he threw up, due probably to things working a little too well and being constipated, I was fantasizing about not having to go back for an appointment for 3 months. We've given him more prune juice, and while I'm not holding my breath I'm still hopeful. This six weeks has been great, he has done so well and is actually back to the point of sleeping through the night again, we'll just have to see what they say when they see his royal silliness. We've finally gotten over the holidays and all enough that I have a school schedule written out for him for next week, who knows how much of it we'll get done but hey that's farther than we've been this past month. Thankfully school isn't compulsory until he's 7 and by gosh and by golly we shall get there and through it.

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