Monday, January 12, 2009

Need For Speed

Yesterday we took John outside in his chair for a walk around the block. He took the ramps out a little slow and cautious, as well as the end of the driveway and a couple other places. But outside we turned his chair up from Indoor to Normal mode and the speed up to 3, this is the max that I can walk sustained, and he still has 2 more speeds up to go. John LOVED this, the speed, the open, the speed, the outside, the speed, did I say the speed yet. Well this morning not too long after he impressed us to no end by leaving the table, going and opening the pantry, picking up a liter bottle of Smart Water by the cap, closing the pantry door, and then bringing the water bottle and his cup back so that we would give him more water, he decided that he had the need for SPEED and turned his chair up to Normal 5, in the house this is scary, but not for John, just for us, silly boy. At this moment his daddy is getting his warm boots and coat on so that he can go out and around the block again, the boy needs SPEED, I'm so glad, it's awesome to watch.

So I'm updating this post about an hour after the original paragraph. We took John out again and this time around part of our block Mark let him open it up to 5, which is fast enough that Mark has to jog with him, and Lucy (the dog) and I watch them disappear. He totally loved this. Then we let him, on a slower speed, take it about a half mile through town. He loved this too. We obviously have some work to do on stop signs, crossing streets and what to do when cars are coming, but we were both rather impressed. Of course then when we got back home and both Mark and I were busy getting stuff ready to leave for therapy today we heard crashing and booming and there was John, with his chair on 5, speeding through the house and into things as fast as he could go and with a grin nearly bigger than his face.

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