Monday, January 5, 2009

2am is morning, Mom.

Last evening before John went to bed we told him that today we would go and get his finger poked (have labs drawn) and then we were going to see our friends. He asked us a couple times to confirm that we meant in the morning and we told him yes. By 7:45pm he was sound asleep, at 2am he was wide awake, talking and turning his light on and off. I went to check on him and see what was going on and he needed a drink, then of course he needed to sit up, and then after a big slug of water he told me 'bath' 'friends' and was so hurt and disappointed when I signed to him that it was still night time and bed time and that he was not going to go take a bath now, but that he was going back to bed. At 3:30am Mark finally went in and took his light switch from him and told him to go to sleep that it was night time, not morning. I finally heard him settle down and go back to sleep when the clock said 4:30am, silly boy, I'm sure if I had a nanny cam in his room I would have seen that he was laying there amidst all the jibber jabber signing friends, go, jeep, now, and such things. This morning he is awake, finally, and signing, 'bath', 'friends', 'go' in rapid succession. Ah it should be quite the day!

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