Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Love You Dad!


John does this cute one handed 'I Love You' which usually has a finger pointed towards the intended person, tonight he was exhausted from playing all day but still when he heard daddy's voice on the phone he was signing 'Love You, Love You, Dad, Dad' and then blowing kisses. So this picture is for the most amazing dad from the most wonderful little boy who loves you so very much.

John is sound asleep already, he's to the point where he is feeling good enough that he doesn't want to take a nap in the afternoon and complains if I make him lay down for a while. His clinic appointment went great though and the nurse coordinator said our favorite 'h' word without me even asking. If John can continue on his current path then he can get his temporary central line pulled out on Tuesday and go home, wow that would be wonderful. Tonight he's only getting 200 mL of IV fluids, that's less than his standard fluid bolus that he gets when he is having issues, so if labs are good in the morning we will not run any IV fluids tomorrow night and then see how he does. The nurse was a little reluctant to send him home so quickly because once they pull the line it means that if he needs fluids he will have to have a peripheral IV placed, I let her know that Columbia has these wonderful ladies on their IV team who take such great care of John and it was a done deal provided John does well between now and then! Thanks Kim and Ellen!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the morning brings and then in the afternoon Charity and her chicks are coming to see us and that will be fun! Of course the Scholastic Book Fair is here at the hospital tomorrow and Thursday so I am impressed with her bravery :)

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