Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3 more weeks, more or less... how long they figure that we'll be in Omaha. John had a temporary central line placed this morning because we just couldn't go through another poke for an IV, he's well over 20 heading to 30 pokes since last Thursday and that is just too much for a little boy. So we had to solemnly swear that we would not go home and that we would not leave town with this line, but everyone has great hope that this will get us home, broviac free, by the end of the month. We are back in our Lied room without having to spend the bulk of the day in the Treatment Center so I should soon be able to catch the blog up with all that's been going on. I've been writing out posts in a notebook, and notes here and there so there will be some back stuff but I will link to all of that from new posts. A couple days of real sleep and we should be back to normal, well at least as back to normal as we get :)

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Michelle said...

How is John doing? I feel so bad for him having to be poked so many times. Our oldest had septic arthritis when she was 3 1/2. Her IV fell out once and it took an hour and I can't remember how many pokes to get that IV back in. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. Our dr. and nurse both had to take a break half way through and they both went and cried. (our dr. is our youngest daughter's God-father) I love all his pictures - he is such a cutie!

Gina said...

John is doing great today! I'm so glad he's not going to have to get poked anytime soon, because I'm pretty sure that I'd still cry. I do okay until he's reached the point that he can't take it anymore and then I cry every time too. Poor kid, my veins are just standing up there, I sure wish I could give him a few of them. That's really nice to have a doctor who is so close to her, I imagine it's hard on him, but it has to be a comfort to you. I know the docs that John has that are just in love with him I have more confidence in and I feel better about the stuff that they are doing.