Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nearly Naked

John's day on Friday was pretty darn good. He did well at speech therapy, even paid attention for the first 3/4 of the hour, silly boy, the last 15 minutes he was so totally on his own agenda. He was able to do well with the new verbs that he is learning though and also got into his gait trainer unassisted again, this is always impressive to see.

Swimming pool time was hilarious. John figured out how to squeeze the little water toy and squirt water at himself and Mr. Paul, he also figured out how to hold the toy in the water and fill it back up - smart cookie this one. John has now decided that he wants to be on his own, floating on his back, and also that he likes to go under so about half way through his session we took off his little padded swimsuit/floatie device. He wasn't so sure about getting back it the water in just his swim diaper, and was definitely out of his comfort zone for a little while, but once he was strapped in a little floaty thingy he was happy to be on his own again and was even good with going under at the very end. So no more suit/floaty for John and he gets to graduate to little swim trunks.

Today has been okay, we increased his formula concentration last night again, this puts him at 80% of the new formula, and so he's had kind of a not so great day but he's doing well enough that he's sleeping in his own bed and not riding to the hospital. He did play with his books this evening and made one heck of a mess in the living room, we didn't know he could reach so many things. He also figured out how to pull things off the end table and as you can well imagine the dogs were sure to stay clear of those little hands!

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