Monday, February 5, 2007

Giggle Prayers

It's been a rather long, but very good day. John did quite well at speech therapy today. He learned the signs for 'motorcycle' and 'bicycle' and was pretty good about paying attention and doing what was asked. I got to talk to the therapist, Amy, about his being able to tell me more info without his hearing aids in than with and she thinks that it all just points more and more to the dyspraxia, which just means that John has lots of therapy to go before he is going to be able to talk.

He had a great day though and the new formula seems to be helping, he looks like he's starting to gain weight again and he's certainly acting like he has more energy! He even ate well for lunch today and was ready to go straight to a nap when he got home, but wasn't tired and crabby like he had been there for a while.

When he got up from his nap he got to do one of his absolute favorite things, open packages. Mark's sister sent him Christmas and birthday presents, thanks C, and he loved opening them and loves the presents. One of them is a little set of wooden dominoes that have cats, dogs, frogs, cows and dolphins on them. This evening we sat down and played with them and he really liked them, and was able to pick out the right domino to play, even though he was a bit exuberant about placing them on the table he had the attention span for a whole game and we can't wait to play again!

Prayers tonight, well that's when the giggling got started. We've taught John to cross himself before meal prayers and bed-time prayers and also during the Apostle's Creed and Lord's Prayer, and tonight he was just full of himself. He still doesn't have the whole motion down, so he puts his finger on his forehead and waits for help. This evening I think he crossed himself 30 or so times during prayers, of course it didn't help the situation that he was so darn cute doing it that I started giggling. 'I Am Jesus Little Lamb' is a very entertaining hymn when someone decides that he is going to cross himself for every couple words.

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