Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good Check-Up Report!

We went to St. Louis last Thursday as John had a GI appt on Friday and he just gets too exhausted and sick if we make him go there and back again in one day. So we spent the night at a wild Day's Inn that the inside looked more like a theme park than a motel, but it was reasonably priced, thank you Cheaptickets, and it had a heated swimming pool! Of course the air was so frigid that you had to stay in the water but John loved the pool and also that it was bordered by trees decorated with lights, so he got to use his 'Christmas Tree' sign a whole ton of times too!

Friday's appt went great! John is now 21 pounds 9 ounces, that's still smaller than when we started the winter but a great improvement over his last discharge weight, so finally he's really starting to bounce back. He got the official a-okay on Coco Puffs. I was kinda nervous to tell the GI nurse that the child was hooked on coco puffs, after all he's not supposed to be eating junk food, but she says that they've reformulated many of the children's cereals, coco puffs being one of the reformulated ones, and that they are now pretty good for kids! Of course we aren't telling John this because at that point I'm pretty sure that he will quit eating them.

This weekend has been fun, our friend, Becky, from Springfield came up to stay and John thoroughly enjoyed showing her all his new tricks.

This is John's latest modeling picture.

When he was all done taking pics he was ready for a book break and amazingly he's getting strong enough to stand at the book shelf and pick out his own!

You can see dad's foot at the bottom right of the pic, he wasn't going very far, but John was able to stand at the shelf for a few minutes, flinging books on the floor and giving us commentary. Of course we have no idea what he was talking about but we're pretty sure it was important due to the volume at which it was said :)

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