Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Wise Friend...

...once stated that if we do not celebrate a little life with others, then we have no one to mourn that little life with. With a few fear generated tears and many many excited smiles we celebrate the little life that is John's baby brother or sister. It is our hope to hold, cuddle and baptize our baby in October. We just found out today that I am pregnant and we are going in the morning to see the doctor in our area that specializes in helping women with PCOS carry to term. We will be saying many prayers for this man, for our wee babe, and as always for the awesome big brother of the family, who when we told him that we hoped that we would get to hold and play with the baby before his birthday he celebrated by showing us what playing meant, um, we may be revising what it means to play with a baby between now and then.

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Jen Jacklin said...

How exciting! Congratulations! We will be saying lots of prayers for your family. Great to see the pictures of John!

Jen :)