Saturday, February 14, 2009

'N' and 'T'

The past few days John has been doing something new, something I've never seen him do before and it makes me think that we are really ready to get started with some reading practice. Honestly, because of his inability to express everything he thinks I believe he can read at least a few words already, but now the letter sounds are starting to come together for him. A couple nights ago as we were saying the Lord's Prayer with him before bed he started excitedly signing 'n' over and over again. Usually when he is signing letters it is because he sees them somewhere, there were no visible 'n's where we were at. Finally it dawned on me 'Our Father who is N heaven', I asked and sure enough that's exactly what he was saying. Today it was excited 't's, I had asked him if he was thirsty and he was signing 't', this time it was the ending sound of the word that he had picked up on. I have read, reviewed, asked about, looked at, poured over every reading program out there and haven't found one yet that looked like it would be a good fit, it's very hard to think of teaching someone to read when they can't verbalize even the sounds of most of the letters. Tonight I came across this reading program and finally I think I might have found something that will help us, if it does I'll come back here with reviews and raves and such, for now I'm printing off the first few lessons, as the whole thing is free online, and pouring over them so that we can start tomorrow afternoon. I feel like conquering reading is going to open a million doors for this kid, for any kid really, but especially for this one.

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