Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Ready for Vacation

I can't believe it's less than a week before we pull out of the driveway headed to North Carolina. We're all looking forward to having fun visiting family and friends, but we're trying to squeeze every last thing we can in here before we leave the house.


John has been working pretty hard on his letters. He can sign more of them all the time and is now pointing them out everywhere we go. At home we have him working on recognizing all of them, using playdoh, probably one of my favorite parts of homeschool is that we can find a way to have fun and learn too!

He's been doing great and his labs yesterday were pretty good. He had so much fun at therapy, and learned to use a new computer program, and made a pretty cute paper plate duck. He's getting so much better at following directions and being precise with things that he does, like putting glue in just the right place instead of just wherever. We brought home some projects for him to work on while we are on vacation and then heading to Omaha before we get back to Columbia for therapy.

Well there's much sewing left to be done, not to mention laundry and packing and those kinda things before we get out of here, so I leave you with a picture of John waving and we'll be back in October, hopefully refreshed and ready to get back to 'normal' life.



Michelle said...

Blessing to you on your vacation! We'll continue to pray for John's health as you travel!


I always love the pictures - John is just so cute!!

Gina said...

Thank you, right now he looks great so it makes thinking about vacation better, and I'm glad you love the pictures he's such a ham, every time I get the camera out he gets all excited.

The Hen (Charity) said...

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe on your vacation. Tell John that his friends are looking forward to seeing him soon.

Gina said...

Thanks Charity and I will tell him, he will be so excited. This morning he woke up and asked for them, and at some point during every day he has to have the book that I made for him out of their pictures.