Saturday, September 6, 2008

Awards and Meme's

Blogging is fun! I've always been a compulsive writer, lists, thoughts, whatever, even Mark knows that packing for me must include a notebook and pen because at some point in the vacation, hospital stay, trip, whatever I'm going to NEED to write something down. Blogging is a great outlet for that, it lets me share John's life and our lives with others who are interested and it lets me fill my need to write. Knowing that people read and appreciate this is a bonus, a fun bonus at that. So I link you to another fun blog of a mommy who writes about her kids and life Kids Say the Darndest Things one that I always enjoy reading. Yesterday she honored me with an award, that's fun too, I always loved ribbons during school, as an adult those opportunities don't come along often, so they should be enjoyed when they do!


Thank you!

While I was over there reading I noticed that she had a fun meme (blogger term that means list of things to share on your blog, as close as I can figure out) and I thought it would be fun to do that too.

The AmusedMomma named this the READING MEME and while she says it's not a flashy name and can be changed, I like it and will leave it as is. Like any good game Meme's come with rules and here are the rules for this one: You can answer, or not, whichever questions appeal to you. Let's leave The Bible out of this, we'll assume you like being in The Word. Please let me know in the comments section that you're participating so I can jump over to your blog and read your answers. Share with whomever you want.

Who is your favorite fictional author?

I actually have 3, Dean Koontz, Tony Hillerman, and Diane Mott Davidson, I'm always checking for and anxiously awaiting a new book from them. Really what do they do with their time, surely they could write faster ;)

What is your favorite fictional book?

Watchers by Dean Koontz, I've read it a good half dozen times, have a first edition hard back in the book shelf and will probably read it again soon. If you've only ever seen the movie of this book you have no idea what you are missing, themes of life, love and the importance of not playing God.

Who is your favorite non-fictional author?

It would have to be Gene Edward Vieth. His writing is easy to read, always informative, and often leads me to other books and authors that I like to.

What is your favorite non-fictional book?

My current favorite is Why I Am a Lutheran by Daniel Preus, I've read it twice so far and it speaks to so many reasons that I myself am a Lutheran, but Vieth's Spirituality of the Cross is so close that they switch back and forth.

What is your favorite kind of poetry?

Zany, short or long, doesn't really matter, I just like unexpected, silly, stuff.

Who is your favorite poet?

It must be Ogden Nash because that is one of the poets names that comes immediately to mind. I never even heard of him until I picked up Helen Ferris's Favorite Poems Old and New Selected for Boys and Girls. Now I have the last line of one of the Ogden Nash poems stuck permanently in my head 'if it's a panther, don't anther.' Got to love zany.

What is your favorite poem?

Hand's down it has to be Quothe the Raven Nevermore by Edgar Allen Poe. One of my beloved uncles had to memorize this in school and so at every family gathering at some point he would start in and say the whole thing and I would be rolling, not just because the poem is good but because the presentation was funny and amazing and well it's just one of my favorite memories of him. I must say that I love parodies of this poem too and the best of those that I've seen is Fry Some More a Good Eats episode done by Alton Brown that is hilarious.

What is the longest book you've read?

By number of pages it would have to be The Stand by Stephen King which I've actually read a few times, every time I read it though I either have pneumonia or bronchitis when I start it or before I finish it, figures, but if I finish up Don Quixote that I'm reading now it will certainly beat that one not only by pages but by sheer number of words on each page too and I shouldn't have to catch a respiratory virus to finish it, I hope.

What is the last book you read for yourself (not for the kids!)?

Handling the Word of Truth by John Pless.

What book(s) are you currently reading?

Don Quixote by Cervantes, Tales from Shakespeare by Charles Lamb and Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, of course all of these will be laid aside as soon as Koontz, Hillerman or Davidson release another book, but those only take a day or two and then I'll be back to these.

List up to three books you intend to read by the end of the year.

Luther on Vocation by Gustaf Wingren, Ministering to the Sick an old Concordia Publishing House book by William A. Lauterbach that I've snitched out of my husbands library and In the Face of God by Michael Horton, which I started earlier this year and just haven't finished yet. Can you tell that I'm trying to fortify the theological fluff that is in my head?

Share with us about a book you read that you didn't want to but ended up enjoying.

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. It was assigned reading in high school and I really enjoyed it, enough so that I still have my copy sitting on the bookshelf.

Share with us about a book that you thought you'd like and ended up hating.

The Lost World by Michael Crichton. I LOVED Jurassic Park, actually it's second only to Watchers on my list of favorites and of books that I've read repeatedly, so I thought I would love this one too. Yikes, this is the WORST book that I have ever read, it's like Crichton was held hostage by feminists and had to write a book to satisfy them so that they would release him. The movie is decent, but the book is horrid. Actually we borrowed this book from friends to read and I wanted to buy a copy for myself so that I could personally rip the pages out and burn them, yikes, it stinks.

Share with us if you have a favorite series of books.

Another toss up for me. Prior to the 7th book of the Harry Potter series coming out I would have said that it was Lord of the Rings, hands down, no contest, but with the 7th book of Harry Potter, well it's a tie and I look forward to rereading both series for many years to come and can't wait until John is old enough to read them to him too.

Name your favorite genre of books.

It would have to be mystery/thriller, honestly for me to like a book there has to be a good vs. evil struggle that is believable and draws you in. Good must win in the end, because after all I'm reading for enjoyment and I like a happy ending. I don't really care if the setting is historical, modern or fantasy so long as the story is good and the characters are so real that they walk and talk in my head. At least these are the books that I love to pick up and read in one sitting if possible and rarely do they last more than two days around here.

Well if you've read this far, I should give you a reward but instead I'll reward you with a tidbit of news about John. His cold is still hanging in there, but so is he and he's doing well, he even slept through the whole night last night. He's evidently decided that he likes milk, which of course makes him very, very, very sick, so when he asked for it yesterday we told him that he had to drink special milk that wouldn't make him sick and poured him a cup of his formula, much to our surprise he liked it and this morning asked for milk again. Hmmmmm, the kid always intrigues me.


AmusedMomma said...

So glad to hear John is asking for milk -- that means he's got an appetite! Excellent news!

Gina said...

He's actually even eaten a few bites, so I think we are on the downhill side of this cold, phew, hopefully we can stay virus free for vacation.

The Hen (Charity) said...

Yeah! I can not believe that he drank his formula! My mother tells me that my sister used to drink hers and she loved it. This is such a big step for John. I hope that you have safe travels tomorrow.