Thursday, May 22, 2008

Monkey Days

Today John woke up smiling, playing and I can hear him chattering in the other room to his daddy. Despite the rain, the overcast skies and the general gloominess of the day, here it feels like the sun is just peeking out from behind the clouds and everything is looking up. John's nose is pretty runny, but that's the last vestige of the past few days. Monday John's labs looked very good, but we could see in his countenance that something was amiss and could just feel ourselves bracing for what might be coming. That look, that tired, not quite so interested look that took over Monday night developed into full blown monkey days on Tuesday and all of Wednesday afternoon. We call them monkey days because John feels so bad that he lays in the floor and watches episode after episode of Curious George and while he will still sign to tell us which episode he wants, and imitate the show a bit, mostly he lays there with his own stuffed monkey and watches. He needed a little fluid bolus on Tuesday afternoon, but there was no fever and since he was coughing a bit we figured it was another cold thingy coming on. Wednesday morning he looked a bit better and was ready to walk and play in the basement while Mark and I got stuff ready for another garage sale this weekend. For an hour or so he was having a great time running through the blankets that were hung on the basement line, touching everything he could touch and making sure that the dog wanted nothing to do with being in the basement. We could see his energy start to drain though, but when we took him upstairs he still had enough umph to play his video game for a while and then to watch the videos on YouTube and then well we were back to a monkey afternoon. We gave him a fluid bolus through his g-tube last night and let him sleep and this morning we have snot everywhere, but behind that snotty nose is bright cheerful eyes, a willing and even mischievous smile and while we may end up with a monkey afternoon, or evening, it sure looks like we are going to have a good morning.

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