Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Silly Meat or Just Plain Ham

It occurred to me as we were sitting in a truck stop waiting on our food and John and his daddy were sword fighting with the table knives that when some people gain weight they gain fat, I know these people, when some people gain weight it is rumored that they gain muscle, hmmmm okay maybe that's true for some, so how is that the weight that John has gained seems to all be silly meat? As I watched him dramatically clutch his chest with both hands, give out a loud 'aggggg' and lay backwards in his highchair because he had been stabbed yet again I couldn't help but notice that it wasn't just Mark and I that were rolling with laughter but that every table was watching the little showman perform. What a ham, and maybe that's what he's gaining, maybe it's all ham, a goodly portion of it certainly lies in that general vicinity.

John's appointments in Omaha went rather well. He stopped and gave five to the nice people who work at the surgery desk, we pass it on our way to the lab and as we go by they holler out 'John' and he smiles and goes and gives them five. He said thank you to the nice lab guy who gave him a Clifford sticker after he had to be stuck twice for blood. Then of course he put Clifford on ever surface that he could reach. He ran enthusiastically to the escalator and grinned all the way to the top. We searched in vain for a high chair in the cafeteria for lunch and then we decided to just sit him in a booth, hmmmm, he's now tall enough that it worked for him. He ran right through the swinging door at the front desk of the clinic and was in a good enough mood that when he got back to the blood pressure station his blood pressure was good, instead of the horrible pressures that he often has in Omaha.

He weighed in at 14.35 kilos, a little over 31 1/2 pounds and he is now 35 1/2 inches tall. During the appointment he had a great time playing in the floor, was decidingly unhelpful to dad who was trying to change his g-tube dressing and was very helpful to me when I was changing his central line dressing, sigh, I guess we can tell which one of us hauled off and spanked him over his uncooperative attitude earlier last week, somedays a mommies job is no fun. Mostly though this mommy had a wonderful time watching the little boy who was cheerful for the docs and excited to run out of the building and get back in the Jeep. This is the first time that we've driven home from Omaha without the sound of puking in the back seat, and a little boy is tucked in his bed and already snoring.

We missed getting to visit with the Baker's this time, but our next appointment is the Tuesday after Easter and so when we go up next time we'll actually have time to breath. Provided John stays healthy between now and then the docs are anticipating taking him completely off of TPN at our next visit and discussing when we will remove the central line, they are hoping before the end of April!


The Hen (Charity) said...

I am so glad that you had a good report. I so look forword to seeing all of you in March. Tell John that the little chicks are excited to see him again.

Gina said...

Thanks and I will tell him! Their pic is still the wallpaper on my cellphone and he saw them about half way up, did the happy dance and pointed for us to go now, I had to tell him we weren't and he was sad, I can't wait to see how excited he gets when we tell him we are going, we may not be able to keep him strapped down on the trip :)