Thursday, March 20, 2008

Knocked Out

I got to stay with John until he was completely knocked out, and now am waiting, I hate waiting. John was admitted to the hospital in Columbia with a fever early this morning and it looks like another central line infection with an added touch of pneumonia. He's currently knocked out as they are removing the central line. The plans right now are that we will stay here through the weekend and then Monday head up to Omaha where John and I will be staying out-patient for a while. He is high enough on his feeds that he may, should, may, not need to have another central line placed, but he may, most likely, will need to stay in Omaha for a bit, a couple weeks to a month, to make sure that he is staying hydrated and doing well. I'm so amazed at how strong he is, even running a 103.5 degree fever he still needed to go for a walk down the hall, and did so without the seat. He's doing very well and as sad as I am that he has to go through such hard things, I am so proud of him that he goes through them and remains my smiling kind little boy. Not exactly the Maundy Thursday we were looking forward too, but we are so very thankful that our little boy is ever in Christ's hands, and so are we.

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elephantschild said...

{{{{hugs}}}} and prayers.

The Lord be with you.