Friday, June 8, 2007

Little Kicker

Today was not our typical Friday. Usually we all leave out of here at about 10:30a for speech therapy in Columbia, then lunch, then off to Sedalia for pool therapy and all get back home after 7p or so if there are errands to run. Today therapy times were different so our whole day was different too, and so was John!

Little boy went with daddy to speech this morning an hour earlier than normal and did really well. By the time he got back home he was ready for lunch and a nap. He woke up in time to get ready to go to pool therapy late this evening and was so excited that he hugged his swim diaper several times before he would let it go. He jabbered all the way to Sedalia and when we got there he was eager to get in now.

Usually Mr. Paul has to do a lot of encouraging and such to get John to put out a few measly little kicks here and there, as John loves to float and really looks like he's on vacation as soon as he's let go. Well today he had a bigger audience and therefore, true to John's personality, he performed much better. When he realized that perfect strangers would cheer for him if he kicked he went crazy and kicked and kicked and kicked. He kicked while floating on his back, and on his stomach and even kicked hard enough on several occasions that his toes peeked out of the water. The more they cheered the more he kicked, it was fantastic to see, and well worth all that cheering.

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