Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Yep, botox. John had his first appointment at the Developmental Clinic today and they want to do botox treatments and some pretty agressive neck therapy to give him the best chance of getting his head up straight. All in all they are extremely impressed with him and all the stuff that he can do and how fast he is learning, etc. They did answer for us why he is so little and growing so slowly that it seems that he's hardly growing at all. It's his kidneys, well we kinda suspected it, but it was nice to hear a doctor who has dealt with these things before confirm that it was that and not other issues. So we looked it up and Gary Coleman of "What'cha talking 'bout Willis" fame is 4'8" tall. John is currently 34" tall or 32" tall depending on who measures him and how, so he's got a long ways to go even by Coleman standards. The doctor who told us this and prescribed the botox is the very first doc that we've dealt with that has seen a lot of prune belly kids in her practice over the years. She was very encouraging and said that John is doing amazingly well! We did find out that all the conjecture about one leg being shorter than the other is just conjecture and his hips and spine are fine. He'll be monitored in this clinic every 6 months for the forseeable future and they will be able to keep a sharp eye on his spine, which could easily go into scoliosis because of his lack of stomach muscles, and do something about it before it gets bad. John is going to go and see an opthamologist for an eye check-up, no one seriously thinks there is a problem but it's time to make sure, other than that he got all thumbs up today from everybody.

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