Monday, August 7, 2006

Phew! What a week!

We started out with a trip to the ER on Saturday. Poor little pumpkin's electrolytes were out of balance and he needed a little help getting them back in order. He is such a trooper when it comes to this stuff. 24 hours of fluids and he was spry, happy and ready to go home. It's been a little over 3 months since his last hospitalization and there were some definite changes this time. For one thing they were able to get a size 22 IV in his hand on the first try, that's a really big IV and John used to be a nightmare to get an IV into, but even dehydrated this time it went right in on the first stick and with very little fussing from the patient! He also amused himself by pointing to everything, including when the doctors came in to visit and he had decided he had enough he kept pointing them to the door, as in "Leave!". He did great though and just amazes everyone with how much he is growing and changing. He enjoyed playing on the 'big boy' bed and even decided that he should be able to get everything in the room and dove off the bed on his own, fortunately other than a few bruises there was no damage done, well other than scaring his mom! This hospital stay is the first time that John's ever sat and watched cartoons, he liked them a little, but the new wore off after a half hour or so and then he didn't have much interest in them any more. He also decided that hospital food was the pits! He took a few bites because he was very hungry but even reached in his mouth and pulled the last bite out because it was just too yucky! Poor kid, daddy came and saved him with some french fries.

We got home on Sunday night just in time to find out that the air conditioner unit for the house had died! With record temps and no AC the next couple days were a hazy blur! School went well and John even amazed his teacher when he bumped his head on the table, while he was wandering around in his gait trainer, and then used his hand to protect himself whenever he got near to the table after that. Smart little stinker! He also managed to say something that came very close to 'run, run, run' in the appropriate place for him to say that.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. Not that John isn't amazing every darn day, but there were at least no hospital/dead ac kinda excitements. We did find John a new weighted open cup that he is having more success in using and a toddler fork that he was really enjoying getting his own spaghetti bites with today at lunch. It's nice to see him exert his independence where he can. He is also now playing more with his toys on the floor, and is scooting around while he's sitting up so that he can play with all different stuff, without falling over and without needing help.

The talking is coming along very slowly, but it's coming. Last week when his occupational therapist was here and playing with stickers with him he even managed a few 'ick-er's which was just great to hear! 'No' is now very clear and yet still sweet sounding, don't know how long that will last, but we figured we might as well enjoy it while it did.

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