Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Go to Sleep John!

John's day has been pretty much uneventful except that he now has the tendency to put the little balls in his toy in their corresponding color slots now. It was pretty cool to see!

Just had to share this picture though. It is of course well after John's bedtime and when I came through his room 10 minutes or so before the picture was taken he was rolling around throwing his toys hither and yon so I gave him a hand to sit up. When I came back what you see is what I found. A bright, awake little boy with his fingers in his ears asking for his hearing aids, alternately pointing to everything in his room as in "hey, give me that." So silliness is sitting on the floor playing with a few toys...hmmmmm....I wonder, when do toddlers go to bed in the real world?

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