Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Whole Different Life

Wow! It's been forever since I've blogged, everything here has changed and I barely remember how to negotiate the pages. I don't know how often I will wander back over here and blog but I wanted to say a few things and thought today was a good day to do so. Let's start with why it's been forever. Life has CHANGED! And it's all been good. John is bigger, healthier and into everything. His energy levels are through the roof and ever since we took casein out of our diet he is so much stronger and more able to do things that I am constantly challenged to stay ahead of him. That is so much fun. Mark's job keeps him away all day and some days late into the evening, but he's happy, he's constantly challenged and no day goes by that he doesn't have the opportunity to sit and comfort and give Christ to a person in need. I used to blog a lot because I spent a ton of time alone with no one to talk too, my friends lived in my computer and if I spoke to someone outside of church or the hospital it was rare, simply put I was very lonely and spent a lot of time talking to myself in my head and that spilled over into the blog. I still think about God and His love and mercy for us all the time, but now I have places to share that, even if it's just a friendly smile and wave to someone passing on the sidewalk. This past weekend Mark and I were honored to get to bake and share our love with dear women, who like us have lived with barrenness. What a delight to serve in this way. Our hope is that they have this retreat annually and we can serve them each year. We both love to care for people and food is a language of love that brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. That is possibly the biggest change here, outside of John's health, we have so many more opportunities to serve and to care for people, we are looking into places that will let us help New Americans, cook for underprivileged kids, and serve in other ways too. At least for me joy comes through service. Today John and I are off on a new adventure to learn how to ride the bus and metrolink and get our truck back from the mechanic who fixed it. I have wanted to try the bus system out for a while and hooray, today is the day. I'm looking forward to how many people we can say hi to, and John can give that beautiful smile too. He is so excited. I don't know when I will be back to blog again. A few years back silence meant that John was sick, now it just means that my day is overflowing with the joy of being around people and staying busy with life. I have smiled so much here that my sign name is a 'G' moved along the side of the face to indicate smile. Life is great, but now it's time to get some math and reading done so that we can this adventure started!

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