Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Day of School

John missed so much school this past year that we decided it would be best for him to get to do school through the summer, and yes I said 'get' instead of 'have'. John enjoys school for the most part and has shown more patience for it today than when we were doing school last year. I think part of that is just maturity, it also helps that he is not sick and in pain. John likes school, consequently so do we. Of course we did the Three R's, but what fun would school be without an art project, so inspired by this art project we are working on a fireworks picture, fireworks being one of John's favorite activities and more boy than poppies.

He was very insistent that we take a picture of the art work itself, which of course is no where near accomplished but still, he was ready to share it today, so here he is and here is his pictures we are working on.

I had toyed with doing some specific fine motor skill work, but decided that drill and kill is no fun, and so instead we are practicing writing and painting and the next days will bring cutting and tracing and all that stuff that will help him get his hands working better. We are both looking forward to what the days of school ahead hold.


Ewe said...

We are also doing some school this summer due to last year being so crazy with dh's surgery etc. The boys are not too happy about doing school. I like the motivation, if you quickly get your work done then you can go outside-1/2 of the year I can't use that for motivation here. We are just doing a few subjects so school goes quickly and then they have the rest of the day to play. Hopefully it won't be so difficult to get back to a full schedule of school in the fall too.

Bikermom said...

I think you could frame these! Mount them somehow on a board (?) and put them up for permanent. I love them! :o) Drill - boring. Having fun with paint with mom - fun!

Gina said...

We are doing quite a bit, but because John has no playmates he is a little more interested in doing school because it means that mom is playing with him.

Thanks! I love them too, we painted red, green, yellow and such yesterday and are going to cut them out today and then start gluing them on in the next few days with some glitter and such to make fireworks, John is very excited and I think they will hang here for a long time :)