Friday, October 15, 2010

Where Have All the Updates Gone

Um, well, we've been swamped. Mark's classes are going very well, we survived his first on-call and will get better at actually doing things while he is away. We had wonderful company, John's godparents and their children came and I actually have a few pictures but well, I'll get to those pretty soon. We had a wonderful visit and John had a great time playing with all the kids even though learning to share kinda stinks and his belly was hurting through much of the visit. New meds are started and we will see how that goes. I'm still struggling with how to keep track of school but we are now doing some school just about every day, but by the time I've read aloud to him from 7 or more different books each day I'm just out of words and so blog posts will come again, but it might have to wait until I get used to the reading regimen. It's being so worth it though because John has started to sign to me about what we are reading and in the middle of the night the other night he was signing to me about Stuart Little's spy glass. So if you've wondered where we've wandered off to, we're here, just swamped and in a mostly good way. John has appointments in St. Louis on the 21st where we are looking forward to getting to meet some old friends, and meet some friends we've only known online in person and then he is in Omaha on the 26th and getting to see our friends there is always worth the trip. I'm checking email and facebook a few times a day, and will post some new pictures and fun stuff as I am able. Meanwhile, know we're smiling or even out right giggling at the most amazing boy ever who is still running on mischief juice ;)

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