Monday, October 27, 2008

Walking with one crutch...

...and a bit of help. Who was doing that? Why John of course. The crutch was teeny tiny, and yet way too tall for him, but he immediately understood exactly what to do with it and needed only a little balance help and support on the other side where the other crutch belongs. His new physical therapist wholeheartedly agrees with one of our favorite old pt's who is adamant that John will eventually walk unassisted. For now we are looking forward to next month when he will get to try out a walker that has less support than his gait trainer, then transition eventually to two crutches and who knows when but it sure looks like he will eventually walk free. I cannot adequately describe how exciting that is to us.

I do have pictures and other things to post and will hopefully get myself in here to do it sometime this week. I've been spending every spare moment sewing, sewing, sewing, and John has nice new sheets, pillow cases, bed pads and pj pants to show for it, and still needs some long sleeve pj shirts, play clothes, clothes to go to town in and church clothes too, it's so very cool that everything from last year has high water legs and too short of arms.

Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts, these are amazing days and so much fun to watch.

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