Monday, August 25, 2008

Christ Have Mercy

I used that title for two reasons.

First John is sick again, although he looks good and is playful and happy his gut is not working right and we don't know how long or what it is going to take to get it back up and running correctly again. We also don't know the exact cause of this, but then I'm not sure that exact causes are ever really known. He's in the hospital in Columbia, will most likely be on TPN before the day is out, will likely have a central line placed again soon and I fully expect him to be in Omaha before the week is out and wouldn't be surprised to see him there for a while, Christ have mercy.

Second it's the name of Matthew Harrison's new book, if you know who I'm talking about then you know what book I'm talking about, it's fantastic, the best ever missions book that I've read, the best of several kinds of books that I've read. Mark is going to write a review of it eventually, it's going to take while, see 1st paragraph, and when he does I'll post a link to it. You won't be disappointed with the book, it's Christ centered, pastoral, practical without compromising, filled to the brim with Luther, and clear plain Lutheran teachings. It could easily set on your bookshelf between Why I am a Lutheran and your copy of the Confessions and be right at home. Be warned though, it's not a sitting kind of book, while the volume itself will sit politely it's not going to let you do so.

I am home long enough to do a load of laundry and get a few things done and then back to the hospital. Thank you for your prayers for John and for us, we continue to pray God's will be done, Christ have mercy, and that in our own struggles, worries, and fears that we never lose sight of those around us who need a Word of comfort and mercy.


AmusedMomma said...


You all are in my prayers!

Hopes are dashed I'm sure at this turn of events, and yet your faith shines through! How blessed John is to have you for a mom!

Christ have mercy, indeed.


Michelle said...


Saw your message on the Loop. Praying here.

Angie said...

Gina, praying here too!!! Please call anytime you need a listening ear.